This is my personal Blog Site.

Some words about me…

I was born in March 1975.
I live and work in Kavala (Greece) as an Information systems / Computer repair technician.
I am passionate about photography; black and white or color, analog or digital, it doesn’t really matter to me…
This art form fills me with a deep desire, an aesthetic pleasure and intense beauty.
The photographic camera is an instrument that helps to convey my personal vision of aesthetics
through intuitive and spontaneous images.
My focus on photography is always discreet.
My aim is to reveal geometry, capture emotions and chance moments of life…
I always keep in mind only some words of Robert Frank:
“The eye should learn to listen before it looks”

Feel free to visit also my WebSite (https://www.chriskapetanios.com) and my YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/ChrisKapetaniosphotographer).

Thank you for visiting my blog and don’t forget to spread the word… 🙂


Chris-Kap (1).-Self-Portrait_1


6 thoughts on “About

      1. Thank u very much! This means that we speak -more or less- tha same “art-languange” :-). i ‘ve also visited your site and your blog; your work is terrific and inspirational!


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